Perfect for Your Next Event.

Joppa can be rented for amounts of time varying from one event on one day to a week long package. Joppa and his agents, Charlie and Liz, travel together. Hosting Joppa will involve collaboration between you, Charlie, and Liz to ensure Joppa shows up adequately prepared. Content must be agreed upon and finalized 2 weeks before your event so every nuance of Joppa’s performance and interaction will be as specific and engaging as possible.

Rental Info

To Rent Joppa, You’ll Need To:

  • Correspond with Charlie and Liz Cohlmia, Joppa’s trainers.
  • Develop and communicate the content you desire for Joppa’s performance.
  • Present the date, time, and location of your event (including travel and shipping arrangements).
  • Provide details pertaining to elevators, loading docks, and easy access to Joppa’s performance site. Also, the distance from a hardwire internet connection is important.
  • Develop and finalize content in collaboration with Charlie and Liz Cohlmia at least 2 weeks prior to your event.


Pricing for each of Joppa’s events will vary pertaining to travel expenses, amount of content being prepared for each presentation, and the length of each performance. We’re happy to prepare a customized pricing plan based on your specifications.

For more information on renting Joppa, fill out the contact form or email