Who is Joppa?

Joppa is a Robothespian, an orator. Originally developed in Cornwall, England in 2005, Joppa has undergone years of upgrades and improvements, making him ready to perform. Joppa is powered by electricity, controlled by computer signals, and mechanically operated with air pressure. Joppa is controlled by an interactive kiosk that easily educates anyone with an interest in robots about what makes them tick.

What Can Joppa Do?

Joppa can entertain and educate in any situation. He could be a master of ceremonies or present corporate and sales information in either a male or female voice. Joppa’s versatile vocabulary is perfect for your conference, school, museum, seminar, trade show, or special event. His short bursts of commentary intertwined with famous film scene re-enactments, singing, and keen sense of humor will put a smile on your face. Joppa is great with kids and people who love to laugh. With a microphone headset on his non-robot operator, Joppa can even interact in real time.

In order for Joppa to be at his best, you’ll need to provide an ample amount of content you’d like him to express. Joppa’s non-Robot operators will customize, program, and animate Joppa in accordance with the content you provide at least 2 weeks before your event.


What Can’t Joppa Do?

Due to the electronics involved, Joppa can’t operate outside or in humid and damp conditions.

Joppa cannot operate without internet connection. Hardwire internet is best, but a strong Wi-Fi connection enables Joppa to be controlled with a laptop.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I rent Joppa RoboThespian for my event? Yes! Provided there is no schedule conflict and ample time to program and customize Joppa’s presentation (your content provision should take place at least 2 weeks before your event).

Does Joppa write all his own content? No. You provide the content you’d like in your presentation and we will program him to speak, act, and do any animation necessary for your presentation.

Can I interact with Joppa? No and Yes. Joppa is programmed to present content that is prepared and prewritten for him. However, Telepresence enables an operator to become Joppa from a distance, seeing who is in front of him and having a conversation with guests.

Do I need to be a brilliant tech genius to host Joppa? Of course not! Simply provide the content you’d like to hear Joppa say in an outline with historical and operational preferences and we’ll do the rest, including provide you with a script for approval.

Can Joppa beat me in a race? Only if you’re tied up and sedated. Otherwise, Joppa stands fixed to his platform. He does not walk, run, or swim. He will, however, move his head and eyes to watch you as you move around him.

What if I’m super slow? Joppa will move and sway his arms but he doesn’t walk or run. He prefers to compete in other kinds of competitions, like who can impersonate Robert De Niro best (he’s never lost).

Can Joppa wash my dishes and do my laundry? You are surely looking for a maid. Joppa doesn’t do domestic work, and like most comedians, thrives on laughter.

What can I expect when I host Joppa? You can expect to meet with Charlie and Liz Cohlmia to collaborate and arrange the information required to develop the presentation for Joppa. There must be enough time to gather, prepare, edit, and refine the presentation you’ll want at your event.
Can I connect with Joppa on social media? Yes! Check him out on Facebook!